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About us

Our Vision

About Anglo African


Anglo African is a 14+ year old technology-based investment company that attempts to cover the important technology sub-sectors in line with market opportunities. Anglo African covers both traditional and Emerging Tech, is headquartered in Mauritius, with fully owned subsidiaries in Zambia and India, and sales offices in Djibouti, Seychelles and clients over Africa. It employs around 100 people, 85% of which are certified engineers & ICT professionals.

We remain a strong player in the Enterprise ICT space in areas such as Hardware, Software, Applications and Engineering Consultancy in the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Technology space. In line with our new vision, we have developed and are now operating our own IP platforms in FinTech Digital Payment and Lending space with NanoB&K, in the RiskTech Due Diligence Surveillance space with SonarPulse, in the PropTech Energy and Water Management space with EC3 and forthcoming MedTech platform.


Group Structure


The Value we create

Value is created by operating our enterprise IT business, our Engineering Consultancy practice and our innovative Startups, through developing, distributing & cloudifying an array of enterprise products and services. We are dependent on various relationships & resources, known as our 5 Capitals, to achieve this.

Our Business Model

Our business model is engineered at its core to deliver unique value to our stakeholders, and now in the future. It is designed on our Vision, Purpose, Values, Strategy, Governance and the Environment in which we operate, particularly an “Integrated Thinking tool” empowering us to clearly ascertain value created, preserved or eroded, and to strategically drive our subsidiaries to go beyond Sustainability… as The future is all we've got.