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Sustainable Development Goals Mapping

Discover the mapping of SDGs of our businesses and their contribution, and explore which of our subsidiaries are doing what, how and where, as well as their aspirations while operating in our markets.


SDG Internal Action [inc. CSR] External Impact Value Creation across Capitals
Anglo African continues to support NGOs working with orphans or disadvantaged children around the country. We are soon launching the 1st digital financial inclusion platform in Mauritius providing micro loans aimed at the based of the population pyramid.  

Anglo African has adopted and strengthened its recruitment and training policy for the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women at all levels and consolidate equal pay for equal work.

Our Incubator Ventures is now giving a priority to startups driven by women. Moreover, our Credit Scoring Applications for micro-finance will empower women across communities to access finance more effectively

Anglo African will support development-oriented policies that help productive activities, decent job creation, intrapreneurship, creativity and innovation, and encourage the formalisation of initiatives.

We believe that our subsidiaries such as NanoB&K and our Incubatees from Ventures will indirectly create jobs in the informal sector.


InfoSystems & NanoB&K will continue to optimise their cost-effective solutions to assist companies in upgrading their technological capabilities in all countries where they operate.

In addition to Information and Digital Technologies,  we remain the only firm in Mauritius that is also advising companies in developing their Electrical, Mechanical and IIOT capabilities.


In addition to Blockchain technologies, we continue to research other promising digital alternatives that can help dramatically reduce the costs and time to transfer funds across borders.

NanoB&K Fintech platforms will aim to reduce to less than 3 per cent  (initial target) the transaction costs of migrant remittances and eliminate remittance corridors with costs higher than 5 per cent across Africa and Asia.    
DigiConsult and Ventures will seek financial and technical assistance to assist clients design buildings that are sustainable, resilient and energy efficient, utilising local materials. Our EC3 platform are giving Asset Owners as well as Smart City operators the right platforms to manage the efficiency of their operations.  

InfoSystems will continue to engage public sector organisations in developing countries to strengthen their technological capacity to move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production.

Our EC3 [Enterprise Control and Command Centres] will not only be able to report Intelligence on Production Consumption in real time but will also be able to predict same.

SonarPulse assists operators and regulators in the Financial Services sector to fight financial crimes.

Our SonarPulse RiskTech platforms aim to provide the necessary tools to operators and regulators to protect the Mauritian jurisdiction and its image in combatting money laundering.


Anglo African will expand its geographic footprint and contribute to enhance North-South, South-South and regional and international cooperation on and access to technology, innovation and knowledge sharing.

NanoB&K Remittance business will have the possibility to connect business and enable transactions from Africa to Asia and vice-versa.  
Financial Capital Relationship and Social Capital Human Capital Intellectual and Digital Capital Technological Capital

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